Things You Should Know About School and Office Shopping

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Chances are if you’re shopping for school supplies or office supplies, you’re looking to cut down on costs as much as possible. This means often means scouring the stores or internet for 3 ring binders in bulk, or 1/2 inch binders in bulk plus cheap mailers for them (the shipping is always the worst). Often this will lead you to questioning why you decided having so many kids was a good idea. Kidding, mostly. Anyway, here’s some things you should know throughout your shopping experience this year, should you fear you’re alone in this wonderful crusade of comparing the prices laser inkjet labels versus laser printer labels (why?!).

First of all, millennials are planning on spending $913 million of their own money on school supplies this year. Shopping trends for back-to-school suggest the average, yes average, cost of kindergarten through 12th grade classroom supplies is close to $700. Once you get to college, though, you’ll be begging for a $700 education for that many years. Also, almost half of those shopping for college and a third of those shopping for younger children plan to do their shopping online this year.

Switching gears to office work, the expedition continues for cheap supplies. Eight out of 10 people believe that unorganized clutter can harm productivity, which is shown by the fact that messy desks and time spent searching for misplaced items cost America’s corporate world $177 billion annually. Over half of Americans surveyed admit that they judge their coworkers based solely on how tidy they keep their desk. Your best bet is to just get some printable sticker labels and start getting the sections of your desk organized.

So have fun this year while shopping for all of your supplies! Try not to be to bitter about it, and hopefully it will pass by without incident — cheap mailers and all.

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